I’m an Atheist

Okay, it’s confession time: I’m an atheist. It’s true. But probably not in the way you’re thinking. Early Christians were sometimes called “atheists,” did you know that? Not because they didn’t believe in God, but because they didn’t believe in the Romans’ gods. In a world in which there were many “gods” and “lords,” for … Continue reading I’m an Atheist

Trust in God, Love One Another

One of my parishioners in a former church used to say that preachers really only have two or maybe three different sermons. “Every sermon they preach—doesn’t matter the text or the title—is really just a variation of one of those two or three sermons,” he’d say. I’m not quite that cynical about the average pastor’s … Continue reading Trust in God, Love One Another

Why Worship? Why Worship Together?

It’s Sunday morning, and we gather together as Christians to worship God. The specific experiences are as varied as the number of churches, but most worship services have a few things in common. We sing together—sometimes off-key, sometimes hymns too slowly, sometimes choruses too repetitively, too repetitively, too repetitively. We pray together—sometimes faltering, sometimes mumbling, … Continue reading Why Worship? Why Worship Together?

Seeing God Face to Face

Seeking God’s Face “Come,” my heart says, “seek his face!” Your face, O Lord, do I seek. There are many ways to think about Christian spirituality, but these words from Psalm 27 do a pretty good job of summing it all up. You could say that the spiritual life is all about “seeking God’s face.” Different … Continue reading Seeing God Face to Face

“We should re-think our theology? Say what?”

Earlier this summer I preached a sermon on grieving the losses in our lives, whether it’s the loss of someone we love through death or the loss of something we have invested with great significance—a relationship, a career, a home. In the sermon I talked about the need to adjust to the new reality of … Continue reading “We should re-think our theology? Say what?”