Why I Do Not Cease Teaching and Writing

I have been teaching the Bible and writing about Christian theology in various ways, in a variety of settings, for over twenty years now. This has mostly been a rewarding task. I love learning new things or discovering new ways of seeing things, and I love seeing the same light bulb turn on for others. … Continue reading Why I Do Not Cease Teaching and Writing

“All Scripture is inspired by God” doesn’t mean “All Scripture is equally important”

I think most Christians assume that the Bible is a monolithic entity, like a seamless cloth or a fissure-free rock. We may know that there are in fact 66 books, but we view these as essentially different chapters of the same, single book. We may know that there were different human authors in different time … Continue reading “All Scripture is inspired by God” doesn’t mean “All Scripture is equally important”

My Pastoral New Year’s Resolution

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I’ve tried them in the past, but they’ve never worked. “Resolution” can sounds so decisive, so irrevocable. So guilt-inducing. Let’s call this my pastoral New Year’s goal, then. Here’s what I’m aiming for as a pastor for 2017: to be patient in love, persistent in prayer, faithful in … Continue reading My Pastoral New Year’s Resolution

God’s Dream for the World

“I have a dream.” The words are iconic. I’m sure most of us know the speaker, and the context. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. August 28, 1963. Ground zero of the African-American civil rights movement. It had been 100 years since Abraham Lincoln himself had issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Almost … Continue reading God’s Dream for the World

(Re-)Imagining Worship

It’s interesting that the New Testament never gives a detailed description of exactly what went on when the first Jesus-followers gathered together to worship. There’s no divinely inspired “order of service.” Sure, we get some glimpses of early Christian worship here and there: some snippets in the book of Acts, some clues in the New Testament … Continue reading (Re-)Imagining Worship