Things Jesus Didn’t Say

This morning I got thinking about ways in which we ignore or distort Jesus' teachings (note the "we" there - that's me implicated as well!). Why do we do this? Well, to put it bluntly, Jesus' teachings are hard! Jesus' teachings are sometimes hard to understand, but even when they're pretty clear, they are even harder to …

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“Turn the Other Cheek” ≠ “Be a Doormat”

This past Sunday I taught our adult Sunday Study class. As always, it turned into a wide-ranging discussion only remotely connected to the topic, in which we noted and immediately solved all the world's problems. (Just kidding, of course. It took us at least 45 minutes to solve them all.) One of the things that came up along …

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What is the “Narrow Way” of Jesus?

I’ve recently heard a couple of references to the “narrow way” or “narrow gate” of Jesus “that leads to life,” which “only a few find” (Matt 7:13-14; one example here). It’s the kind of statement that we would all like to have on our side: I want the “narrow way” to be the path I’m on, while …

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