Love is All We Need

Love is All We Need | Scripture and Jesus on Love | What is Love? Love, Above All | How Should We Then Love? We live in turbulent times. Everything is changing. Nothing seems certain any more. Our knowledge of the universe is growing exponentially, racing beyond our wisdom, outpacing our ability to tame this knowledge for good purposes. … Continue reading Love is All We Need

The Simplicity of Christian Unity

A few weeks ago I blogged some thoughts on Christian unity. I suggested that we need to have a centred approach to this unity. We need to think of Christian unity not like a fence that defines the outer limits of Christianity and protects “us” from “them,” but more like a bonfire on a cold … Continue reading The Simplicity of Christian Unity

When Everyone’s Biblical and We All Disagree

This past Sunday, as part of our “Welcoming One Another” series, I preached on Romans 14-15, looking at Paul’s response to the fragile Christian community in Rome in danger of fracturing along a Jew-Gentile fault line. I think we miss out on the significance of this passage when we think of it as about mere … Continue reading When Everyone’s Biblical and We All Disagree

On Bonfires, Love, and Jesus

This Sunday we’re continuing our worship series on “Welcoming One Another.” A crucial part of this “welcoming”—this “accepting” each other, this “receiving” one another—is coming to terms with our differences, even celebrating them. In fact, that’s the key idea in Romans 15:7: we come from different backgrounds and experiences, we think and act differently, and … Continue reading On Bonfires, Love, and Jesus