(Im)Possible Joy

I’ve always struggled with joy. If I were an ancient Roman, sitting in the office of the famed physician Galen, he would have diagnosed me as a “melancholic,” having an excess of black bile in my body. Likely he would have prescribed a treatment of leeches. Leaving aside the black bile and leeches, he would have …

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Love, in the Flesh

We are created to love and be loved in the flesh. Heard. Seen. Touched. Held. Through thick and thin. You can think of the story of Scripture as the story of exactly this kind of love. In the beginning, God creates human beings to love and be loved, in the flesh, through thick and thin—by …

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An Anabaptist Does Advent

I don’t recall talking about Advent in the church in which I grew up, an Anabaptist church with a conservative evangelical bent. Certainly we didn’t mention Lent. And those other church days, with names like “Epiphany” and “Trinity Sunday” and “Feast of Christ the King”? Those weren’t even in my universe. We celebrated the five …

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