I’m an Atheist

Okay, it’s confession time: I’m an atheist. It’s true. But probably not in the way you’re thinking. Early Christians were sometimes called “atheists,” did you know that? Not because they didn’t believe in God, but because they didn’t believe in the Romans’ gods. In a world in which there were many “gods” and “lords,” for … Continue reading I’m an Atheist

Our Thoughts and Words Matter

Nobody said U.S. politics were dull. Like most of the world, I watched the recent U.S. presidential race alternating between fascination, amusement, and horror. Sometimes all three at the same time. It’s the kind of election that will be analyzed from every angle for years to come. I’ve been sorting through my own thinking on … Continue reading Our Thoughts and Words Matter

Politics and Power, the Jesus Way

Politics. I saw you cringe. It’s one of those topics not fit for polite conversation. It may be entertaining for some, intensely interesting for others, but for many it’s one of those “change the subject” kind of subjects. But politics are everywhere. There are politics any time we humans organize ourselves in order to make decisions for … Continue reading Politics and Power, the Jesus Way