Blog Highlights

I've written quite a bit on here over the past few years and it's easy for individual posts to get lost in the forest of posts I've produced.  Here are a few highlights from the blog, some of the most-read blog posts as well as a few of my own favourites. On the Bible, general …

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When the Blog Goes Quiet

I've not been blogging as much as I might like. That's a combination of fall busy-ness and writer's fatigue (the two are not unrelated). But if you're just itching to hear my thoughts verbalized (I honestly can't imagine why, but apparently some people appreciate them) you can find some of those thoughts on our church blog …

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“Aha” Moments: Biblical Scholars Tell Their Stories: Michael Pahl

This post first appeared on Pete Enns' blog. Re-posted here on February 15, 2017, though dated back to the original date of its first appearance. Today’s “aha” moment is by Michael Pahl (PhD, University of Birmingham). Pahl, as you may recall, was one of the casualties of Cedarville University’s theological purge of 2012. He is …

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